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Mercedes 1975 ~ 1998


Mercedes / ford vdo 83.601VDO 76.501 Mercedes W114 W115 etc


Mercedes has two different type of cruise control systems. The oldest system uses a vacuum regulator with analog amplifiers which have 10 or 12 pins (1975 ~ 1980). The more “modern” system (1980 ~ 1998) uses a digital amplifier which has 14 pins and an electrical motor. For these systems many different cruise control amplifiers are designed, for all the different car models that exist. However the amplifiers can be divided into 6 groups, amplifier started with numbers:

Group 1: 412.203.. (10-pin amplifiers, 12 Volt)

Group 2: 412.216.. (10-pin amplifiers, 12 Volt)
Group 3: 412.205.. (14-pin amplifiers, 12 Volt)
Group 4: 412.212.. (14-pin amplifiers, 12 Volt)
Group 5: 412.405.. (14-pin amplifiers, 24 Volt)
Group 6: 412.412.. (14-pin amplifiers, 24 Volt

The above mentioned cruise control amplifiers fails quite often. Common failures are: cruise control doesn't work, falls off during use, can not hold the speed properly, doesn't stop accelerating, etc. Some of these problems (cruise doesn't work or falls off during use) can also be caused by bad switches (brake, clutch, on/off) or regulator, the best is to check this first.


We can deliver almost all the different amplifier types directly from stock (also for sale) which have a year's guarantee.


Please fillin our repair request and you will get a quotation within 24 hours for repairing you amplifier.


When you are not sure if your cruise control amplifier is faulty, you can make use of our online Diagnostic Service. We will help you diagnose the results of your measurements to find the problem. The cost for this service is 60 EUR. If your amplifier is found to be faulty and you decide to let it repair by us, you get 40 EUR refund on the repair costs.

If your Cruise Control Motor (Stellglied, 0025458632, 408 201/001/004,  408/000/001 and many others!) is defect, we can also offer you a solution!


We offer a world-wide service and include a year's guarantee.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for further information, first fill in our repair request (free of any obligations!) so that we have al the information we need to answer your questions.





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